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Relative Companies

  • Hyodong Shipping

    Hyodong Shipping is doing marine transportation and marine cargo handling with its barges and oil and chemical tanker through collective know-how and experience. Also, it is conducting ship managemt and marine cargo handling in Busan port, Ulsan port and other ports.

  • Hyodong Marine Service

    Hyodong Marine Service is working for ship to ship transfer operation by its barges and tug boats equipped with safe facilities and professional staffs. With its oil and chemical tanker. it is transporting liquid cargos safely in the domestic market. Professional stevedorers are doing vessels’ unloading and safety management in Yeosu port.

  • Daedong Marine Service

    Daedong Marine Service well known for a harbour total service company in Daesan offers quality services to customers. Daedong Marine Service’s main business is local shipping agency, harbour tug business, transportation service in harbours subsidiary enterprise, Private sea way consignned administration and crude unloading service.

  • Jisan Wood Tec

    Jisan Wood Tec have manufactured wood chip, Bio SRF and sawdust professionally utilizing waste wood and lumber. Also, it disposes of waste wood which is difficult to be treated near Gyeong Sang Nam Do. Jisan Wood Tec is recognized as a stable wood chip manufacturer because it has delivered its product(wood chip) to Korean East West Power Co., Ltd.

  • Dongbo Shipping

    Dongbo Shipping is a marine transportation company which transports black oil and chemical products to Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam. Dongbo is evaluated as the best black oil and chemical product transportaion company.