CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting

We appreciate our customers’ interest and
support since its foundation in 2013.

We convinced that we are a good general agent and partner of Korea East West Power Co., Ltd.
We have mainly handled bulk carriers loaded coal and fuel oil our kind charterers traded in.
We especially have strength and competitiveness in handling bulk cargos carried from Shakhtersk,
Uglegorsk, Boshnyakovo, in Shahkalin to Dangjin, Gwangyang, Ulsan in Korea. Under good partnership
with Korea East West Power Co., Ltd., we are providing high quality, stable and reliable service in route.

We are also providing appropriate service without hesitation if ship owners or partners request any
demands on Doosung Shipping. Furthermore, in the event of any dispute between mutual parties,
we try to reach a solution for our customers.

Doosung Shipping’s strategy of business growth is ‘the customer satisfaction management with top
quality service’, that is, we give benefits to our customers with our highly qualified specialists in the
spirit of “No customer, No Service”.

We hope you join us as our precious customer.